In 1932, during the prime of a bustling textile industry, Tom Oates founded Manual Woodworkers and Weavers (MWW). Our privately owned company, nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina, quickly established itself as an innovative force in the gift and decorative accessories industry.

By the time Lemuel Oates and his wife Sandra took over Manual Woodworkers in the early 1970s, the company was more successful than ever, enjoying year-over-year demand and growth. The country motif was then in fashion and Manual Woodworkers offered products–such as braided rugs–that became nationwide hits. In fact, sometimes the business was so successful that stock literally sold out in moments. In 2008, Travis Oates and Molly Oates Sherrill, third generation co-owners of Manual Woodworkers and Weavers, rebranded the company as MWW, Inc. In the same entrepreneurial spirit as their parents and grandparents before them, Travis and Molly saw a need for manufacturing- and distribution-related third party fulfillment service, as well as MWW’s continued focus on high quality and personalized service.

MWW ON DEMAND, a division of MWW Inc., is proudly known as the leader of the textile and custom printing industry. In alignment with its history of identifying new opportunities to create quality products, MWW ON DEMAND has led the development of current technologies, placing a high priority on technology investment and innovation. A great example is MWW’s utilization of On Demand and Woven On Demand manufacturing.

On Demand printing services is the wave of the future, and MWW continues to add new services, products, and manufacturing capabilities. As a family-owned business built on quality American-made products and outstanding customer service, we continue to thrive in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.